Premium Private Label Meat Products for Your Brand

Karn Meats is a full service private label meat processor that specializes in beef, chicken, turkey and pork products. We offer a wide range of portioned and prepared products for food distributors throughout the United States. If your brand is looking for a stock of high quality proteins, Karn Meats will be your reliable provider for years to come. When you partner with our team, you gain consistency among your meat products, flexibility with your flavors and money-saving industry insights brought about by our own research and development. Karn Meats is a value-added meat product provider with full in-house capabilities. Have questions or concerns throughout the process? We promote and harbor a strong sense of transparency by allowing you to speak directly with the head of operations.

Trademarking for Branding and Marketing

As a private label contract manufacturer, we extend a wealth of services and products to your company. Karn Meats offers customized boxes and labels when shipping your product. Enhance your branding and marketing efforts by having your logo and tailored wording printed right on the box.

Simple Labeling for Added Functionality and Consistency

If having your logo isn’t the top priority for your organization or if your brand simply wouldn’t benefit from this service, Karn Meats will provide a basic shipping tag to foster an increased sense of regularity among our already consistent product. We custom tailor process to suit the needs of every client.

For more information regarding our private label meat products or our custom labeling process, contact Karn Meats today!