Your Famous Meatloaf, Made by Karn Meats

Karn Meats specializes in preparing custom meatloaf products for restaurants, further processors, test kitchens and other institutional food service establishments. Many brands have their own famous meatloaf recipe. It is our job to replicate that formula on a large scale, as to cut costs and ease the production burden from your shoulders. Delivering a consistent product is a primary object of Karn Meats – one that is rivaled only by our emphasis on food safety and compliance with all USDA meat handling regulation. Our goal is to provide a product that can be depended upon for consistency so that you customers know what to expect and you have the confidence that your food cost will remain stable.



How Meatloaf Became a Signature Pastime

According to food historians, meatloaf has been prepared in a multitude of, stemming from ancient times to present day. The entree has typically been mixed with vegetables, rice or bread and spiced up with herbs and other seasonings. Throughout its history, meatloaf has been served with or without sauce as a topping and the earliest known recipes for meatloaf-style dishes are found in ancient Roman texts. Every culture in the world prepares their traditional version of meatloaf. In the United States, meatloaf is so popular that it is considered standard fare in many homes and dining establishments.

Cooks originally created this dish using a portion of ground meat mixed with other ingredients give it “bulk,” as to distribute protein value to more people. They also made meatloaf to use up leftover food so it did not get wasted. Tough meats could be ground up and prepared as a loaf to make it more palatable and easier to digest. In early American food history meatloaf was made from veal, rather than ground beef, since was a more economical meat.

The Current State of Custom Meatloaf

Meatloaf recipes began showing up in American cookbooks in the late 1800s. However, the entree was not as popular then, as it is now, because of the unavailability of reliable meat grinders. A cook that did not have a meat grinder was required to mince the meat by hand. Ground beef is more perishable that a whole piece of meat and lack of refrigeration could also have factored into the lack of meatloaf dishes. Around the turn of the century, meat grinders were becoming more prevalent since ice boxes were replaced with electric or gas fridges. Today, variations on meatloaf have been showing up in restaurants, diners, magazines, food manufacturers and cookbooks. It seems as if everyone has their own specialty meatloaf! It is our job to best replicate your infamous entree on a large scale, time and time again.

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