Partnering With the Best in the Business

Karn Meats is a proud supplier of meat products with quality meat products and pre-cooked meats to restaurants, further processors, further distributors and other food manufacturers, not only in the Midwest region, but across the entire United States. We offer private label, cooked, stock and wholesale meat products for a great number of long-time clients.

A Word From Max & Erma’s

“At Max & Erma’s we strive to be the hometown favorite wherever we go. That means serving great food in a relaxed and unique atmosphere. We are known for our gourmet hamburgers, and we’re regularly voted ‘best hamburger’ in the markets we serve. Hamburgers account for 25% of all the entrees we sell – over a million a year. When you’re so well known for an item, it has to be the best.

“Karn Meats is the primary supplier of ground beef to Max & Erma’s. They provide consistently-high-quality meat. They’re dedicated to safety and they provide competitive pricing. Karn Meats is a key vendor for Max & Erma’s. We think of them as a partner as much as a supplier, and for our most important item, we wouldn’t partner with just anybody.”

Todd Barnum,


Max & Erma’s Restaurants, Inc.

A Message from Bob Evans Farms

“When we decided to add a pork chop to our menu, we knew we could count on Karn Meats for help. They bring culinary creativity to the table and they provide value added products. Because they understood our needs from the start, we’ve had a very positive response.In the roll-out of our Pork Chop Roaster – following six months of testing – the product was very successful. We eventually served it in all of our 400 restaurants.

“Karn Meats continues to provide great service, innovation, and consistent, value-added products. That’s what long term relationships are all about.”

Merl Beery,

Senior Vice President of Purchasing and Technical

Bob Evans Farms

Satisfied Partners at Sanese Services

“At AVI Food Systems we serve many different types of clients through our vending, food service and catering businesses. We tailor our service for each one, and our customers expect the very best every time. Karn Meats provides consistent, high-quality at every level. They adapt to our needs and treat us like we’re their only customer. That’s what this business is all about.”

Ralph Sanese


For more information on how we benefit our partners or on how to become a Karn Meat partner, contact us today!