Supplier of Meat for Tacos and Burritos

Karn Meats specializes in taco meat processing for restaurants, further processors, distributors and other food manufacturers. As with any Karn product, our taco and burrito meat is made with the freshest beef, chicken and pork – whichever proteins you need. Our team hones in the specifics – mouth feel, texture, spicing – to tailor make this filling perfect for your brand. We are able to adjust the characteristics of this meat to taco salads, pizzas, bowls and even various options at concession stands. Karn Meats can replicate your recipe on a massive scale or help devise a custom blueprint for a completely new flavor.


A Strong Understanding of Spice Families

When it comes to replicating and processing your product for a large audience, Karn Meats has a firm grasp on spicing families and the steps it takes to accomplish your desired flavor. We will quickly present you with a number of samples for tasting. Our team will take your notes and come back with a perfected product, conducive to your brands wants and needs.

Long Term Consistency for Your Taco Meat Product

As a purveyor of quality cuisine and food products, your organization has captured what its key audience desires. Our primary objective is to reproduce that exact formula to success, on a grand scale, and deliver flawless consistency for years to come. Time and time again, we supply restaurants, further processors and other various manufacturers with dependable service for their indispensable product.

For more information regarding our taco meat products and capabilities, contact Karn Meats today!