Two Facilities, One Goal: A Great Customer Experience

Since the 1920s, Karn Meats has moved and grown exponentially, but each strategic expansion was made with the customer in mind. We currently own and operate out of two buildings – our grinding space and a cooked item facility. When it comes to promoting a positive customer service, Karn Meats has dedicated its resources to the cause. Each building serves a separate purpose, all with the common core objective of best serving our clients. We strive for perfection and punctuality, which is why, should a situation call for it, our team can process upwards of 15,000 lbs. of meat per hour. Wish to see, firsthand, what our facilities have to offer? Visit Karn Meats today!


Separated to Promote Food Safety

In an effort to best minimize potential contamination and maximize freshness, we have tactically placed our grinding facility and cooking facility across the street from each other. They are separated by a single city street, allowing for the immensely quick transportation of our wholesale raw meat products to the cooking plant. There is great value in having two different spaces for raw and cooked products. Once a product is cooked, you never want to re-expose it to raw product. By keeping these facilities separate, we significantly decrease the risk for re-contamination and Listeria.


Product Fulfillment, Shipping & Logistics Services

Karn Meats is constantly looking for ways to add further value to the experience our customers. We aim to cover all the bases and perfect each process. As a broadline distributor, we partner with regionally renowned common carriers, 3PL shippers and logistics experts in Central Ohio to get your product from A to B with zero hassle. Our minimum and maximum shipping loads are some of the most reasonable in the industry and our partners offer frozen and refrigerated options for both in-state and out-of-state loads. If your company wishes to take a more hands on approach, we welcome you to pick up and haul your product straight from our backdoor. We focus our efforts and energy on creating the best wholesale meat product and leave the flawless distributing to the best in the business.


For more information regarding our facilities, fulfillment capabilities and shipping options, contact Karn Meats today.