Food Service Defined

Businesses, companies, organizations, restaurants, further processors and other food manufactures all fall under the “food service” industry umbrella. Various food products call for their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to mass production, handling, shipping and other processes. Since day one, Karn Meats has complied with USDA regulations and goes above and beyond to meet all of these established food service safety guidelines.

Meat Processing Regulations

When it comes to the products that Karn Meats handles, many red flags are raised, a lot questions are asked and a significant amount of rules have been written in stone – and are added to almost daily.

Hamburger vs. Ground Meat – Find out the key differences between each product, the various dangers that are apparent when handling this particular protein and how industry leaders, like ourselves, cover all bases to ensure a quality experience for customers.

Meat Handling Safety Outlined – Take a look at the various food safety practices for each style of meat product that we handle.

Updated Policies – New policies and regulations are implemented almost daily. Stay updated and in the loop with these industry updates, courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Further Resources Regarding Regulations and Best Practices

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