Wholesale Shredded Beef Products

Shredded beef is one of the many custom cooked wholesale meat products prepared by Karn Meats for our clients in the Midwest region. The staff at Karn Meats starts with top quality, fresh meat cuts and proceeds to create a shredded beef product, adhering to exact customer specifications and following all food safety guidelines and a strict HACCP plan.

The Karn Meat Promise of Consistency and Quality

Our team prides itself in every product we manufacture. The Karn Meats name has been trusted for almost an entire century. We continue that legacy by delivering the same traditional, high quality meat products that we’ve created since day one. Two particular facets of our production that we highlight specifically is our dedication to delivering a constant, reliable product and our emphasis on complying to all USDA food safety rules and regulations. When you partner with Karn Meats as your wholesale meat provider, you relieve any worries that may exist regarding food safety and product consistency.


How Spiced Shredded Beef Came to Be

In the culinary world, the origins of shredded beef in the Midwest remains an unsolved mystery. Many great chefs claim it all began with the invention of barbecued meats. In some schools of thought, the agreement is that the word “barbecue,” another name given to shredded pork, beef and chicken, comes from the term “barbacoa.” This Spanish-derived word describes a rack made of wood on which meat is roasted over flames and, to some, suggests the beginning of shredded pork, beef and chicken in the Midwest.

This word has been referenced by the Taino people: indigenous people in the Caribbean and Florida regions. Descendants of the Taino exist today, and perhaps their explanation of the Spanish term brings more clarity to the development of shredded pork, beef and chicken. Although the Taino people don’t necessarily reference shredded pork, beef and chicken directly, the word “barbecue” comes from the Taino language. “Ba” is from Baba (Father), “Ra” is from Yara (Place) “Bi” is from Bibi (Beginning) and “Cu” is from Guacu (The Sacred Fire). In its entirety, the word means “The beginning place of the sacred fire father.” Furthermore, “Taino Barabicoa” means “The stick stand with four legs and many sticks of wood on top to place the cooking meat.”

No matter how shredded beef made its way into the Midwest, Karn Meats has perfected the craft. We are your consistent and reliable producer of wholesale shredded meat products used with or without a seasoning and/or a BBQ sauce. Contact Karn Meats today to order shredded beef.