Shredded and Cooked Meat Processor

Shredded pork, turkey and chicken are among the many custom wholesale meat products produced and prepared by Karn Meats for its Midwest customers. Our team starts out with top quality meat cuts and creates the cooked product as per stringent customer specifications, while following a strict HACCP program and best food safety practices as determined by the USDA. If proper meat handling is a burden you wish to alleviate, trust Karn to tackle this task with absolute precision and rigor.


Chicken, Turkey and Pork – Whatever Protein Your Product Needs

Explore the various Karn shredded meat product options. What do your recipes and menu items call for? Regardless of the meat, know that our team will deliver a top quality product each and every time. Our wholesale products are minimally processed as to lock in the freshest flavor for you. The tools that come in contact with the product are rigorously cleaned, regularly maintained and frequently updated to adapt to best industry practices.

Karn Meats Knows Quality and Consistency

No matter the protein, Karn Meats is your consistent and reliable producer of wholesale shredded meat products used with or without a seasoning and/or a barbecue sauce. The fine-tuned recipe that your brand agrees upon will be the same great taste that you and your customers receive for years when you partner with Karn. As your organization continues to thrive, the import of wholesale and stock shredded meats will become second nature to your success.

For more information on our cooked shredded meat products, contact Karn Meats today!