American Wholesale Meat Provider

Karn Meats operates a USDA-inspected meat processing facility in Columbus, Ohio and uses only the finest and freshest raw materials shipped in from the country’s top meat producers to manufacture products to your specifications. We have developed a rigorous HACCP plan and follow the strictest meat handling regulations, as to ensure meat product safety and first rate quality. Our processed meat products are able to be shipped almost anywhere throughout the continental United States.

Take a look at our most commonly requested processed meat products.

Wholesale Ground Beef

Perhaps our most popular product, ground beef has been a Karn Meats mainstay since day one. Whether you’re in need of bulk ground beef, refrigerated patties or instantly frozen and properly portioned patties, our team has you covered. Relieve yourself of further burden and partner with us as your wholesale beef provider.


Whether your brand specializes in Italian, homestyle or an innovative style in between, Karn Meats specializes in wholesale meatloaf production and delivery. We work tirelessly to replicate your signature recipe on a large scale, as to get that patented flavor out to the masses.

IQF Gyro Meats

The demand for gyro meat products continues to climb, but the traditional process isn’t always practical for some restaurants and food manufacturers. We specialize in instantly frozen gyro strips, patties and loaves as to cut down your organization’s need for large and expensive capital. Karn Meats helps to capture your unique traditional Greek flavor and deliver it, time and time again.

Country Fried Steak

Originally developed in the Southern United States, country fried steak – or chicken fried steak – has spread in popularity across the nation. Many restaurants and manufacturers have perfected their own take on this favorite from the south. Karn Meats looks to harbor that fresh and treasured flavor as to provide consistency on your menu and satisfaction among your customers.

Hoagie Patties

Hoagie sandwiches go by a number of different names – Hero, Submarine, Zeppelin – but they all elicit the same, mouth-watering, seasoned to perfection entree that is beloved nationwide. For brands purveying this historic sandwich, we offer our services as a hoagie patty provider. We make our greatest efforts to consistently replicate your formula, or to develop an all-original recipe together, as to entice your current and future clients to keep coming back.

For more information regarding our processed meat production, products or ordering process, contact Karn Meats today!