Human Grade Foods for Pets

We operate under USDA and FDA regulations while upholding the standards of Safe Quality Foods (SQF) for the manufacturing of human foods and human grade components for the pet food industry. The team works with safety, precision and immense care, using only the freshest meat cuts to handle your dog and cat meat product. We work to perfectly create your signature recipe on a large scale while following the strictest SQF and human-grade food for animals. Karn Meats has delivered consistent, high-quality, private-label meat products to respected clients like you since the 1920s.

Fully Cooked Human Grade Pet Food Components

Karn Meats operates a USDA, FDA, SQF, and Certified for human meat processing facility to not only benefit the restaurants, further processors, foodservice companies but be the highest quality animal food suppliers in the country. Karn Meats, Inc. can customize not only the pack size but also provide any type of seasoning profile you desire for your signature flavor or recipe.

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  • Human-Grade foods for Pets
  • FDA Regulated
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  • Safe Quality Foods (SQF) for the Pet Food Industry

For more information regarding our human-grade pet food products or to make an order, contact Karn Meats today.