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The World's Biggest Hamburger

This Iron Chef is a Girrrrrl!

Would you believe the record for the World's Biggest Hamburger was made in Thailand? Whatever happened to Texas, home the gargantuan “everything beef”?

Actually, as an American, you’ll be proud of the fact that the dude owner of the Thai restaurant is a born and raised Texan. Bob, of Bob’s BBQ opened up the burger joint on South Pattaya Road after 16 years of serving up his unbelievable Texas Slow Smokes BBQ all across southern Texas.

The Big Bob’s Belt Buster weighed in at 78 ½ lbs of finger-lickin’ good sizzling beef to break the Guinness World Record. (By the way, Bob’s “regular” burger, dubbed “The Wagonwheel” isn’t hurting for heft either, with 1 ½ lbs of the best of Texas ground beef.)

Thanks to Bob and the folks at we can feast our eyes, if not our bellies on these great photos. Take a look…

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