Karn Meats’ Gyro Loaf, Gyro Strips and Gyro Patties

Our gyro products are the Karn Meats’ tasty and convenient versions of the delicious Greek sandwich specialty. We specialize in providing gyro meats to further processors, restaurants and other food service distributors, with an emphasis on consistent quality control, reliability and food safety. Typically, a Greek gyro is prepared with meat sliced from a big cylinder of well-seasoned lamb or lamb and beef. The lamb or beef for the gyro rotates slowly on a vertical spit. The name, itself, implies the circular spinning motion of a gyroscope. The gyro has grown in popularity as a quick and satisfying sandwich, easily prepared in restaurants and commercial food establishments. However, by partnering with Karn Meats for your gyro product needs, you eliminate the previously necessary capital investment of a vertical broiler and other in-kitchen components.


The Convenience and Consistency of Karn Meats

While gyro meat is largely in demand, the traditional process of shaving the meat into perfect slices can be a difficult task for some organizations to handle. For these folks, Karn Meats offers the ease of access to an array of wholesale gyro meat products. When we provide this service, your company no longer needs a vertical broiler or other expensive and sizable capital to be capable of serving this Greek favorite. We also offer this product as an IQF – individually quick frozen – for perfectly portioned options. Karn Meats strives for absolute perfection and precision when we create and deliver our products to the customer.

The Spread of a Greek Cuisine Tradition

Patties, loaves and strips, alike, have taken convenience a step further in terms of food preparation, purchasing and quality/cost control throughout the years. The gyro loaf is 80% beef and 20% lamb and is prepared in 12-pound loaves made to be cooked on a vertical broiler. As the Gyro Loaf cooks, the meat is shaved off for sandwiches. Traditionally, the sandwich maker slices off strips of the cooked meat when the sandwich is ordered; heats pita bread on a griddle or grill, and then serves the meat on the bread, topped with special gyro sandwich sauce. The gyro loaf sandwich is usually garnished with shredded lettuce and diced tomato. The loaf is primarily shipped as a raw product, but it can also be shipped as a cooked product.

Gyro patties are prepared with a beef/lamb blend, or can be beef only. Patties are hoagie shaped with a standard seasoning profile or seasoning that suits a customer’s specific profile.

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