King Size Hoagie Sandwiches Patties

Karn Meats prepares hoagie patties with the utmost care, attention to detail and adherence to a strict HACCP plan for commercial food preparation. We custom season the meat to give your particular menu item a signature flavor that makes your clientele return again and again. This menu item is easy to prepare by your kitchen staff and is packaged to manage cost and portion control. Hoagie patties sandwiches are known by a variety of names, depending on where you happen to live. You may recognize the Submarine, Hero, grinder, Rocket, Dagwood, Torpedo, Po’ Boy, Italian or Zeppelin sandwich as local fare. Regardless of the name, many know this sandwich as an amazing king-size creation, filled with all sorts of meats and trimmings between a small split bread loaf.

How the Hoagie Came to Be

The comic strip character, Dagwood Bumstead made the sandwich famous during his midnight forays to the kitchen. It was apparently the only thing he knew how to “cook.” Sandwiches built with hoagie patties are made to order to please the taste person of the person getting ready to eat it. The patty is similar to a hamburger patty, loaded with cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, peppers, garlic and mushrooms. It comes dripping with a beef Au Jus or with Italian dressing. The Food Network’s Rachael Ray loads hers up with these ingredients along with pepperoncini peppers, oregano, thyme and parsley on a crusty semolina submarine sandwich roll.

The Popularization of Hoagie Patties

The Hoagie sandwich is popular across America, especially in family style diners and restaurants. Its originated in the Philadelphia area and became a favorite for sandwich lovers across the country, even getting its own national holiday, celebrated, each year, on May 5th. Karn Meats looks to help spread the passion for the Hoagie sandwich by providing high quality meat patties to restaurants, further processors and other food manufacturers.

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