Supplier of High Quality Meats for Further Processors

Karn Meats acts as a comprehensive provider of high quality, premium meats for further processors. We partner with test kitchens, factories and other food manufacturers as a reliable provider of beef, chicken, turkey and pork products. As food safety regulations become stricter in terms of meat handling, you may be looking to outsource your protein production.

Look to Karn Meats to prepare and process this product for you as we specialize in, not only custom recipes, mass production and consistency, but also safety and USDA compliance. Sanitation, cleanliness and routine machine maintenance is ONE key to our success. With almost 100 years worth of satisfied clients and customers, we proudly put the Karn Meats brand name and the accompanying passion into every product we create.


Your Long-Term Meat Supply Partner

When you choose Karn Meats as your supplier, you are opting for consistency, flexibility and transparency. Your customers know what they like and what they expect from your brand, so they should receive that flavor each time. This is why our team boasts regularity you can truly rely on. We are available for contract work, but your brand will quickly learn that we thrive as long-term partner. In the world of ever-changing food safety regulations and consumer desires, one thing remains the same: fresh, quality meats from Karn.

Flexible Solutions for Your Menu Strategy

Have an idea for a meat component, but not quite how to perfect it? Karn Meats will quickly offer you samples to hone in the exact texture, flavor and mouth feel you are looking for in your product. We take in-depth notes based on your criticism and produce the absolute best meats for your menu items. Our team has decades worth of experience in the meat processing industry and will leverage that knowledge to your advantage. If there is a cost-savings solution or simply a better flavor option out there for you, Karn Meats will find it and bring it to your attention. We are always on the lookout for what will save you money and satisfy your customers.

Popular Meats Used by Our Further Processor Partners

  • Bulk Ground Beef
  • Shredded Chicken, Beef, Pork and Turkey
  • Meats for Raviolis
  • Stock Meats, for Pot Roast, Stews, Chili, etc.

Contact us directly to learn more about becoming a partner with the Karn Meats Further Processing Supply division!