Products Not Handled by Karn Meats

When it comes to the specialization of Karn Meats and the high quality products we purvey, we primarily carry and service beef, pork, turkey and chicken-based items. These have been our mainstays since the beginning. However, there are a few items that are frequently asked about, but aren’t handled by our team. They include the following:

  • Ham products
  • Steak cuts
  • Fish
  • Sausages
  • Deer
  • Cooked beef patties

Services We Do Not Provide

Our operation is large enough to handle long-term hefty jobs, but also small enough to create custom experience for each client. With that in mind, there are a few services that we do not provide because our facilities simply don’t allow for it. Karn Meats is not a retail store. We will cook, package and ship a product via a third party hauler for a distributor, manufacturer or shop, but we do not sell the product directly from our buildings. When it comes to ground beef patties, Karn Meats does not make pre-cooked beef patties. We specialize in IQF and raw product, but we do not create the cooked product. We also have a few restrictions regarding minimum and maximum load weights, each circumstance varying based on product type, shipping type, travel distance and a few other factors, but we are willing to make exceptions. To see if your load falls within our shipping capabilities, contact us today!

Proactive Approach to All Potential Clients

While there are a few services that we do not provide, our team at Karn Meats doesn’t want to leave you in the dark. We have made a great amount of business connections in our years and we will actively leverage those relationships to your advantage. We’ll do our due diligence by pointing you to some of the best resources in the business. Karn Meats may not have the direct solution to some of your objectives, but we certainly can find the right person for the job.

Unsure if your request falls within our list of products and services? Contact us today and we’ll provide you with more information!