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Wholesale Ground Beef Patties

July 4th Classic BBQ with Wholesale Ground Beef Patties

What do Wholesale ground beef patties have to do with the July 4th holiday? This is the day restaurant and hotel owners get into the swing of one of the biggest outdoor parties of the year – the Independence Day celebration. The classic 4th of July party always includes a barbeque in the central food theme with all the fixin’s that make it traditionally American. Karn Meats is the leading provider of wholesale ground beef patties for the grill in the Midwest. America’s traditional BBQ recipes make everyone happy, and these add to the simplicity of a menu for any restaurant that expects crowds to arrive once the grill is fired up. Independence Day is famous for fireworks, stars and stripes, hamburgers made from wholesale ground beef patties and good ol’ American blueberry pie.

A classic barbeque is a an event that will attract crowds of hungry 4th of July celebrants to a restaurant that offers wholesale ground beef beef patties on an outdoor grill. They’ll come expecting hamburgers made from wholesale ground beef patties, hotdogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, coleslaw, ribs and if not blueberry pie with ice cream, then a giant hunk of chocolate cake for dessert. Before the IQF patties get served up on a toasted bun, hot off the grill, folks will enjoy some chips and dips or corn chips and salsa for an appetizing snack. Be sure to have all the necessary condiments on hand for the main course to dress up the wholesale ground beef patties, including ketchup, relish, mustard, onions, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

Using Karn Meats wholesale ground beef patties for this type of an event is ideal for restaurant and hotel kitchens in the Midwest , since the wholesale ground beef patties can be stored frozen and quickly thawed if the crowd of diners suddenly grows larger than anticipated. They will be attracted by the delicious aroma of wholesale ground beef patties sizzling on the grill.

The Karn Meat’s wholesale ground beef patties are prepared in the Midwest following strict HACCP guidelines with the utmost in reliability and consistency. The wholesale ground beef patties can be customized to suit the specific needs of the customer. Please call 1-800-221-9585 to purchase Karn Meat’s wholesale ground beef patties.

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As a restaurant supplier of meat products, fresh Karn Meats include wholesale beef, seasoned ground vacuum packed beef patties, IQF ground beef patties, seasoned hoagie steaks, and breaded and floured cutlets.

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