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Karn Meats Wholesale Beef for Commercial Restaurant Use

Wholesale beef for commercial restaurant use is also known as marbled meat. This red meat, especially wholesale beef contains deposits of tramuscular fat, and this makes it have a marbled pattern, similar to marble tiles. Wholesale beef with extra marbling will be more juicy, tender, and tasty than commercial restaurant beef with a lower quality score. A restaurant may purchase wholesale beef from a beef cooler. Eight different grades of wholesale beef are available. Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter and Canner, are the wholesale beef choices that are ranked by the USDA.

Prime wholesale beef has the best marbling content when compared to the other lower grades. It is the preferred grade of wholesale beef for consumers. Wholesale beef that is a prime cut is sold for premium prices in restaurants and grocery stores. Choice wholesale beef is the grade frequently sold in supermarkets and other retail stores. Select wholesale beef is less expensive but just as nutritious. Prime, Choice, Select and Standard wholesale beef grade are mainly applied to grading younger cattle less than 42 months of age. Commercial, Utility, Canner and Cutter wholesale beef grades are applied to older cattle carcasses for use in ground beef products and cheaper commercial steaks for family style restaurants.

Selective breeding is one of the ways to increase the amount of marbling in wholesale beef. Angus, Shorthorns, and Wagyu are cattle breeds that produce high marbling effects in wholesale beef. Dairy cattle breeds including Jersey, Holstein-Friesian and Braunvieh are awarded greater marbling scores on average compared with most European cattle such as Simmentals, Charolais, or Chianina that are used for commercial restaurant wholesale beef.

The marbling in wholesale beef can also be affected by the amount of time the animal is on feed and what type of feed it is given. When a pen of beef cattle is on feed for a lengthy period, the chances that they will grade higher on quality scores for wholesale beef are increased. Unfortunately, they will yield much lower grades, which indicates the percentage of carcass lean to fat ratio. In wholesale beef feeding cereal grains such as corn or barley to the animals will change the color of the marbling fat from a dull yellow to a bright clean white, and as well boost the odds of obtaining higher quality grades. For more information about wholesale beef for commercial restaurant use, please call Karn Meats at 1-888-252-8273.

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Karn Meats specializes in providing restaurants with private label processed meats, vacuum packed and frozen, or cooked to specification.

One of the Midwest's largest processors of raw meat and producers of cooked meat products.

Karn Meats offers private label meat products to the customers included here, among others.

Karn Meats operates a USDA Inspected Meat Processing Facility and uses only the finest raw materials shipped in from the country's top meat producers to manufacture products to your specifications.

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Karn Meats, located in Columbus Ohio since the 1920's, is one of the largest independent processors of raw and cooked meat products in the Midwest.

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Karn Meats is a meat processor that specializes in providing restaurants with private label meat products, custom meat products, wholesale pork, wholesale beef, wholesale poultry, wholesale ground beef patties, vacuum packed and frozen, or custom meat products cooked to specification.

As a restaurant supplier of meat products, fresh Karn Meats include wholesale beef, seasoned ground vacuum packed beef patties, IQF ground beef patties, seasoned hoagie steaks, and breaded and floured cutlets.

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