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Barbeque Pulled Pork

Barbeque Pulled Pork

Pulled pork has traditionally been a form of barbeque from the southern states, but over the last few years the popularity of pulled pork has grown. It’s not unusual to find pulled pork sandwiches and other dishes on the menus of family restaurants and diners in more northern states. Pulled pork is generally prepared from a shoulder cut or mixed cuts using a low temperature slow cooking method. The name “pulled” comes from the fact that as a result of the cooking method the pork becomes so tender that it can easily pulled apart into smaller pieces. There is very little fat left on the pulled pork meat because it melts away during the cooking process.

In states such as North Carolina the pulled pork is served with a vinegar-based sauce or no sauce at all. On the other hand, the people from states such as Tennessee prefer their pulled pork in a tomato-based barbeque sauce. In any case, the pulled pork is typically served on a bun or and as main entrée item with other Southern side dishes.

Various regions have their favorite recipes for pulled pork and each will argue that theirs is the best. As a matter of fact, during the era of American history when the settlers were establishing a life, a Texan risked being thrown out the door of a Carolina home if he dared to pronounce the virtues of beef barbeque over pulled pork. In the South, pork was synonymous with barbeque.

Karn Meats uses strict HACCP rules for preparing pulled pork just the way you want it for your restaurant or dining establishment. We can customize the sauce and seasonings to suit your clientele and give them a reliable pulled pork product every time. An important advantage of a pre-cooked product is the fact that you can achieve a better food cost because there is no loss that occurs during reheating. Please call us today at 1-800-221-9585 to place your order for custom wholesale pulled pork.

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